Sari """"Princier"""" recyclŽ -...
Sari """"Princier"""" recyclŽ -...

Sari """"Princier"""" recyclŽ - H400x100x0

Almost all women in India wear a sari, even in the metropolises they are seen everywhere. Long before the arrival of sewn clothing in India, women wore wrapped dresses. Hindus believe that sewn clothes are unclean. A sari is made of a colorful fabric that is approximately four feet wide and up to nine feet long and is skillfully wrapped around the body. There are even different winding methods depending on the region. It consists of either cotton or silk, sometimes other fabrics and is often decorated with mirrors, embroidery, sequins and lurex braid. The stronger the colors and the more elaborate the embroidery, the better. A sari is also practical for country women, as one end is often tied above the head and forms a shaded canopy, or a wedge worn in front of the face protects against the ubiquitous dust.

This Sari is in silk brocade with embroidery and sometimes gold or silver threads. With us apart from the coating it is very used in interior decoration.

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Soie en brocard de soie avec broderies et parfois fils d'or ou d'argent. Le sari est l'habit traditionnel indien. Chez nous hormis le faite de le revetir il est tres utilise dans la decoration d'interieur ou en guise de nappe de table (sa

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