Before talking about the environment, here we are talking about sustainable ecology

The craftsmen we work with give new life to old wood, a new design, allowing noble woods to return to the market and decorate the most daring spaces.

Exploitation here does not exist. Without intermediaries, we support small artisans and small factories who support a local economy without the pressure of large multinationals.

It is our ecological commitment to protect the planet.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Passionate about history and culture, we have at your disposal incredible collections of antique furniture.

Our concept is unique like our furniture.

Visit us.


The Sheesham (Dalbergia Sissoo) is found in the foothills of the Himalayas in southern India. This species has been introduced to Burma, Nepal, Nigeria and Kenya. Under the name of “Indian rosewood”, “Indian rosewood”, Tahli, Sissoo, Shisham, Sheesham.

Teak is a subtropical hardwood found in the mixed forests of Southeast Asia. ... As this wood is extremely dense and resistant, it is, like oak, often used in shipbuilding and in the manufacture of furniture or flooring.

Elms are trees of the genus Ulmus, family of Ulmaceae or Ulmaceae reaching about thirty meters (and rarely 40 m). Elm is a tall tree, and provides excellent timber, ... Hybridization between American elm and Chinese elm.

They are found in particular in South and Central America, but also in the West Indies. Mahogany trees from these different regions of the globe belong to the genus Swietenia. Mahogany is also native to Africa, where it belongs to the genus Khaya.

Bamboo, mainly originating in Asia and the Americas, has been used for millennia to make many objects. Its phenomenal speed of growth, its resistance, its lightness and its flexibility have made it a material of choice.

The mango tree is a tropical tree of Asian origin, which is therefore found mainly in southern Asia (India, Burma and Indonesia), The mango wood is very similar to that of walnut: rather light brown, it has fine streaks and elegant.

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