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Why are we here?

The NGO Calcutta Rescue was created to meet the most basic needs of the poor and oppressed, providing free of charge and regardless of their gender, age, caste or religion, medical care, education, social benefits and access. vocational training, in order to promote their autonomy.

Numerous support groups around the world, including the Calcutta Espoir foundation in Switzerland, are working to raise the funds necessary for the operation of projects designed and developed by Dr Jack Preger for more than 30 years.


The Swiss population has gone through difficult times and is slowly returning to a certain normality. India, on the other hand, is struggling with the devastating rise of Covid-19. We all feel helpless in the face of the dramatic images that overwhelm us.

What to do ?

For 40 years we have been working in the streets of Calcutta. Our NGO, founded by Dr Jack Preger to help the most disadvantaged, is in the field despite the pandemic every day. We are taking action where no one is going, in 19 slums where living conditions have become terrible. Our action depends solely on private donations.

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