Wild silk - Red - L140 cm - frs 40...

Wild silk - Red - L140 cm - frs 40 frs / mt

Silk is a material particularly appreciated and known for its shine, its silky and elegant appearance. A fabric whose secrets date back more than 2,500 years, thanks to the Chinese who developed its manufacture over the centuries and marketed it thanks to the Silk Road. Wild silk does not come from the breeding of silkworms but rather from the natural cocoons that humans collect from trees. The quality of the silk is therefore very different and has a matt and stiff appearance. The threads are also coarser and less fine than natural silk and provide a more resistant and economical silk. Because of its recognized qualities, wild silk is ideal for the design of clothing and furnishings. 

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Maintenance: To clean and maintain the silk, we advise you to use liquid detergent or Marseille soap. Preferably use special detergents for silk or delicate laundry.

Note: Non-contractual photo. Colors and dimensions may vary significantly.


Width: 130 cm

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