"atmanjali mudra" Seated Buddha...
"atmanjali mudra" Seated Buddha...
"atmanjali mudra" Seated Buddha...
"atmanjali mudra" Seated Buddha...

"atmanjali mudra" Seated Buddha statue - unique piece

The statue easily embellishes and refreshes your home. Trendy decor idea, this accessory is not new. In fact, since Antiquity, statues have always held an important place in the life of men. Whether it is funeral objects, religious objects or devotions, the statue is now used as decoration. Bringing 'that je ne sais quoi' to your interior and exterior, this ancestral practice and this tendency are not about to decrease.

Succumb to the charm of our sublime representation of Buddha with the atmanjali mudra, the position of the hands in prayer. The gesture of joining hands in front of the chest strengthens the inner gathering and ensures harmony, balance, calm and peace. In India, it is also a gesture of greeting and gratitude. This statue is made from volcanic stones reconstituted by our craftsmen in Indonesia. Handcrafted in design, this statue of Buddha in full mediation will bring a zen and luminous atmosphere to your home. 

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Maintenance: To clean your engineered stone, you won't need a lot of materials or spend a fortune. A brush or brush, preferably soft, and soapy water with a natural cleanser such as Marseille soap or black soap will do the trick. Rinse it off with clear water.

Note: Non-contractual photo. Colors and dimensions may vary depending on arrivals


Height: 82cm

Length: 45

Width: 29

Weight: 90Kgs

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